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Finding Business Opportunities

Finding partners and business opportunities for foreign customers in Ukraine is one of the services which we provide. We have acquired considerable experience in this field by researching possibilities and finding opportunities for American, Italian and Dutch companies in Ukraine.

Finding the right partners can be a frustrating experience requiring substantial time and effort. Services of market research companies are usually quite costly. Besides, it often happens that they give you research which had been previously conducted for other clients or purposes, and is only nominally adjusted to your needs.

Cold calling or writing is time-consuming and may end up in a disaster. Very often, prospective partners do not understand each other well not only because of the language barrier, but also because of cultural differences and false suggestions.

Following random leads from international trade shows and exhibitions may be useful, but is not enough.

The advantage of the information which we collect and provide is that it is very relevant, accurate, and up-to-date. What is most important, as local people based in the field we pre-screen the companies which interest you.

Using databases to which we have access and a variety of reference resources, including those of the local governments, we create a customized list of prospective buyers, sellers or business partners from which you can choose.

We do everything possible to make you well-prepared for meeting a prospective partner. Before you actually come to Ukraine we:

  • Conduct research in the field of your interest
  • Find Ukrainian companies potentially interested in cooperating with you
  • Pay a visit to each of them for a first hand look and impression
  • Meet/talk to the companies’ senior management
  • Assemble basic company profiles, including information on company size, history, number of employees, production lines, customers, competitors, needs, and any other relevant information which their leadership is willing to share
  • Prepare a list of companies which are ready to negotiate business with you
  • Set up a schedule of meetings with the companies pre-selected by you.

Alternatively - or additionally - we can check the companies from the customer's list.

It usually takes us three weeks from the time of receiving your down payment to do the initial research and prepare a report. The charge for this service is to be discussed separately in each particular case.

Please keep in mind that we provide names, addresses and contact information of the prospective partners only after receiving the down payment from you or upon your arrival in Ukraine.

June 2023
Today: 10.06.2023

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