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A professional translator can translate between 150 and 400 words per hour depending on the subject and whether translation memory software is used. This means that on average a translator can handle approximately 2000 words per day. Although we can translate up to 2500 words per day, our guaranteed daily turnaround is 1500 words per translator.

Please keep in mind that the deadlines should be very real; otherwise it will be difficult for us to plan our time. Sometimes customers put unnecessary pressure on translators, indicating earlier dates ‘just in case’. This usually results in unnecessary haste, and sometimes stressful situations and mistakes. Please expect 3-4 days for a translation job of 5000-6000 words, plus one day for revision and proofreading.

Rush Translations

Most of the times we do not accept rush translations, but if we do they are subject to a surcharge. The extra charge depends on the size of the project and will be at least 50 per cent of the usual price. Generally we do not accept urgent translations unless they are relatively small documents (less than 2000 words) prepared in the Microsoft Word format.

Urgent jobs require extra help and attention, as well as expenses, which are inevitably passed on to the customer. Flexible deadlines, on the other hand, mean lower charges.

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