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Quotes and Word Count

Quotes per word are provided on this Web site with the intention of giving you an idea of what your translation may cost. The final price will be determined after we get information about the specific text, its subject, format, degree of complexity, and turnaround time.

Our general practice is to quote the price on a case by case basis. To provide you with a translation cost estimate we need to see a representative sample of your document. Text samples help to estimate the price; they are also used to judge about the complexity of assignment. We never accept assignments we are not sure we can complete.

Word Count

You can determine the approximate cost of translation by the number of words in the document to be translated.

If the document is in the electronic format, please use the Word Count of the MS Word program (Tools → Word Count …) to count the number of words. Translation is charged per source word for your convenience.

If the document is in a hard copy format (printed or handwritten), or is available as a fax or PDF file only, the words will be counted electronically once the translation is completed (target word count). In this case the quote will be a rather rough estimate.


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