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Escort Interpreting

Escort Interpreting for Business Travel

Travel in Ukraine can be quite an experience, especially if you are visiting for the first time and/or staying outside big cities like Kyiv or Lviv. The foreign language skills of many service industry employees are either very basic or nonexistent. Logistics and cultural differences can cause great difficulties, and can frustrate your otherwise well-laid plans. Do not let this happen - hire professional people who will be of great help for you during your business trip. If you are planning a visit to Ukraine, please send us an e-mail with your itinerary and any questions which you may have, and we will agree on the details.

Escort Interpreting for Leisure Travel

Despite the lack of developed infrastructure Ukraine is a very beautiful country, with a wide variety of unique places well worth visiting. Your entire experience can be enhanced when you feel comfortable travelling, especially by being able to express yourself in your own language while still being understood by people who do not speak it. Our guides or escort interpreters will accompany you to ensure that you are able to communicate no matter where you are, and are safe and relaxed during your trip.

Escort services include:

  • Meeting clients at the airport/railway station
  • Accompanying clients to hotels
  • Providing interpreting services for clients throughout their stay
  • If necessary, assisting clients with accommodations and other needs (recommending and booking hotels, recommending restaurants, auto repair, calling a cab, etc.)
  • Bringing clients back to the airport/railway station at the end of their stay.

Most of the escort services (except for transportation) are included in the price of interpreting, or are provided for a very reasonable fee. Hiring a car or a van is never a problem, but it has to be arranged in advance. The details are to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Escort Interpreting Rates

Our escort interpreting rates depend on the number of days we spend with a client and the complexity of the assignment.

100 euros per day: our average price for assignments which are 1 to 5 days long, plus the cost of transportation, meals and accommodation.

80 euros per day: our average price for assignments which are 5 to 10 days long, plus the cost of transportation, meals and accommodation.

The high-profile escort interpreting (official delegations, ambassadorial visits, high-ranking meetings, etc.) - at least 250 euros per day.

Transportation fee is roughly 0.5 euro per kilometer.

Remuneration for longer projects can be negotiated.

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