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Liaison and Representation

One of the lessons which many foreigners have learned while doing business in Eastern Europe in general and Ukraine in particular is the importance of finding a reliable point person. A steadfast representative in the field can save lots of time, effort and money for a company promoting its business in the region. Owing to our experience, knowledge of the local languages and culture, as well as our connections, we are fully prepared to perform the duties of your field representatives.

We shall support many of your activities in Ukraine to help your organization operate effectively and efficiently; take responsibility for the overall management and coordination of your programs in Ukraine; work collaboratively with your local counterparts and in close consultation with your head office; develop, strengthen and expand your contacts and partnerships in the region; provide you with timely relevant information; perform other relevant duties.

We act with good judgment in complex situations and consistently demonstrate discretion. We are quick with answering and reporting, and provide our clients with regular updates on the work done.

June 2023
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