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Before you actually request a translation, you need to consider the following. Translation of any text is more about conveying a concept then about word-for-word translation with a fixed price per word. We never provide word-for-word or machine translation, but rather an end product, which is made as close to the original text as possible.

All translated texts are proofread and revised to ensure stylistic and orthographic correctness.

Proofreading is the verification of the target text without referring to the source text. This is done in order to ensure that the style, the syntax, the spelling and the grammar of the text in the target language have been fully respected.

Revision is the procedure where the source text is compared to the target text. This is done in order to ensure that the meaning of the source text during the translation has been fully reproduced.

The price of proofreading and revision is included in the price of translation.


Materials are accepted from and delivered to the clients as e-mail attachments. Please make sure that the sent documents are as small in size as possible. Large files can cause problems when we view or download them.


Prospective clients are encouraged to send us as much information on their requirements (format of the document, size of the document, deadline, etc.) as possible. Reference materials pertaining to the translation assignment and glossaries (if available) are always appreciated. (Also see Placing a Translation Order.)

Spelling Preferences

For all official documents the clients are supposed to specify any spelling preferences for the first names, last names and patronymics, so our spelling is consistent with the original document (internal passport or ID, for instance). If no specific instructions are given, we will follow the conventional rules of transliteration.


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