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Research Tips

  • Archival research is usually a complex and time-consuming activity, presenting considerable challenges in identifying, locating and interpreting relevant documents.
  • Information on the topic of your interest will almost never be in one place. Most of the time records and documents are scattered, and it will take time to find them. Thus, in order to achieve results you have to arm yourself with patience.
  • Quite often the archives materials are not indexed. In order to find specific names and dates it may be necessary to go through many different documents page by page, and line by line.
  • When you write to the archives do not expect quick answers. First, your letter will have to be translated. Then, the answer will have to be prepared and approved. The archivists are professionally busy people entrusted with multiple duties. Do not expect them to rush searching for records. Delays in responses are inevitable.

  •  Majority of the archives employees have limited knowledge of foreign languages, if any at all. If you write to the archives be prepared to receive an answer in language you do not understand.   

  • When making inquiries you have to be as specific as possible. Avoid asking general, open-ended questions.

  •  Be careful in writing family names and places of birth and/or death. Many Polish and Ukrainian names have similar spellings. Also, transliteration of most Ukrainian names into Latin script can be done in several different ways. 


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