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Project Management and Coordination

Doing business in Ukraine is unlike doing business in any other country. Ukraine has a markedly different business culture compared even to Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, to say nothing of the countries of the so-called ‘developed West’. Unnecessary paperwork and bureaucratic formalities, rampant corruption, lack of initiative, indifference, and Soviet-style attitudes is an incomplete list of obstacles which can be overwhelming even for the hardiest of foreign entrepreneurs. Because of the different language and alphabet, but even more so, due to cultural differences even simple things like buying tickets, ordering meals or hiring transportation may turn out to be not a very pleasant experience. When it comes to doing business with the local people on a daily basis the realities may be even more discouraging.

We cannot change the system but we can surely make your activities in Ukraine much more pleasant, efficient and productive. We can handle a wide variety of responsibilities and perform a broad range of duties. As experienced facilitators we will help you plan your time, set goals and deadlines, offer secretarial and administrative support, make international and domestic travel arrangements, oversee local staff and payroll, prepare contracts, help you deal with your partners and local authorities, develop strategies, assist you with meeting logistics, and advise you on local matters.

We are:

  • well-educated
  • highly organized and efficient
  • responsible and attentive to detail
  • well-travelled and willing to travel more
  • flexible with our hours of work (which may include evenings and weekends)
  • self-motivated and proactive

We have:

  • strong sense of responsibility
  • excellent analytical and research skills
  • strong planning and organizational skills
  • outstanding time management skills
  • strong communications and cross-cultural skills

We have a consistent track record of successfully implemented projects in various fields over the years. 


November 1999
Today: 10.06.2023

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