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Interpreting Rates

Our average charge for the short-time consecutive interpreting assignments (five days, or less) is:

15 euros per hour (100 euros per day) on weekdays, and

20 euros per hour (140 euros per day) on weekends and holidays, waiting time included.

Minimum payment is 3 hours.

For assignments lasting longer than five consecutive days, our average price is 80 euros per day. Remuneration for long-term projects can be discussed separately.

Please keep in mind that our interpreting rates depend on the complexity and the length of assignments. Casual work is less expensive, whereas business and technical interpretation costs more.

Our average charge for the simultaneous interpreting assignments, high-profile meetings and conference interpreting (whispering, consecutive or simultaneous, or a combination of those) is 25 euros per hour, or 250 euros per day.

Minimum payment is 3 hours.

When travelling in the region, the interpreter’s transportation and accommodation fares are to be reimbursed in full. Please also see Escort Interpreting.

Discounted rates for interpreting are offered in the following cases:

  • Interpreting assignments lasting more than two weeks
  • Long-time cooperation
  • Pre-payment

Details and terms will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


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