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Clients and Testimonials

Here is what our clients and colleagues say about us:

Oleksandr has been working for us to organize one of our events in Ukraine. Not only is he an excellent translator, he has an extensive network in Ukraine and arranged the full project for us from A to Z. Oleksandr is a very reliable partner to work with and he will certainly be the first person we talk to whenever we are working in Ukraine again.

Bram Eigenraam
The Carbage Run
Erm, the Netherlands

For many years Oleksandr has been reliable partner of the Ukrainian Federation of America for translating books on Economics, Management, Business, and International Investment. Since 1997 he has been part of educational project funded by the UFA, the aim of which is to translate, publish and distribute books relevant for the higher education in Ukraine. We are very pleased with the quality of work provided by Oleksandr, as it has always been a high standard. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Inter-Trans.Biz to any company looking for professional translation service.

Volodymyr N. Bandera
Professor of International Economics, Temple University
Department of Economics
The Fox School of Business and Management
United States of America

I worked with Mr. Olesnevych in 2011 during a trip to western Ukraine. I needed translation help with genealogical research in several archives as well as with a visit to family members. Prior to the trip, we exchanged a number of emails and his responses were prompt and clear. During the trip, Mr. Olesnevych performed admirably in both the formal and familial settings. He went beyond simple translation and also kept me informed of subtext and nuance as well as cultural cues and norms. I would gladly work with him again.

Philip Semanchuk
Durham, NC, United States of America

As an organisation we have work with a number of interpreters on various projects. It was a great pleasure to find Oleksandr and for my team to work with him. Not only was he courteous, prompt, efficient and professional but he interpreted sometimes complex information ensuring our work consistently met high standards. Oleksandr provided interpretation working with the team in various oblasts of Ukraine and undertook report translation at time extending his services beyond those expected. It is pleasing to note our client who reviewed both the English and Ukraine versions of the report never noted or questioned any variance. We would not hesitate to work with or recommend Oleksandr in the future. Thank you, your assistance was greatly appreciated especially given the tight timetable we provided.

Mark Sullivan
International Projects Director
International Audit and Risk Management
RSM Bentley Jennison
1 Manor Court,
Barnes Wallis Road, Fareham, PO15 5TH
United Kingdom

On my visit to the Ukraine in June 2008, Oleksandr worked as my translator for a period of two weeks. I found him to be extremely friendly and very helpful. He undertook work beyond what was expected of him as a translator, which on this occasion proved invaluable. The hours that we worked were long and unpredictable but they were always worked without complaint.

If visiting the country again, either on business or for personal reasons I would certainly have no hesitation in employing Oleksandr's services again.

Tim Cox
Quantity Surveyor
Tim Cox Associates, Chartered Surveyors
Beechley, 390 Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 6HE
United Kingdom

In my capacity of the IESC (International Executive Service Corps) Country Director for Ukraine and Moldova I had the pleasure of working with Oleksandr Olesnevych on multiple small business development projects for over three years. I depended on many occasions on his demonstrated management experience and capabilities, as well as on his highly developed professional oral and written linguistic knowledge. I had a frequent need for translations from English to Russian or Ukrainian, and from either Russian or Ukrainian to English. The translation work that Oleksandr did for me covered a broad range of writings including business letters and business and technical texts. He also served as an interpreter for me, the IESC volunteer executives, and the US Embassy employees during our assignments and field trips to Lviv and the western Ukraine. At all times Oleksandr performed exceptionally well providing translation and interpreting services of excellent quality.

I have the highest regard for Oleksandr not only as a professional linguist, but also as a person of integrity and highly disciplined work ethic. Without any reservation I recommend him not only for the translation and interpreting assignments, but also for the project management and business related activities.

Bruce A. Worcester
Program Manager
Burnham Institute for Medical Research, La Jolla, California
United States of America

I had the privilege of working closely with Oleksandr during his tenure at the United Nations. Oleksandr’s work with our unit demonstrated quick comprehension of the substantive issues, as well as of procedural and technical matters. In the work that he undertook, I was impressed by his mastery of both the subject matter and his organizational skills. His work was of the highest quality in terms of translation, interpretation, organizing meetings, liaising with officials and any task requested of him. Oleksandr displayed many admirable qualities which would make him an asset to any organization. I commend him to you whole-heartedly.

Ms. Gay Rosenblum-Kumar
Senior Governance and Public Administration Officer
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
The United Nations, 2 UN Plaza, New York, NY

At New York University Mr. Olesnevych attended a program leading to the Degree of Master of Science in Management, which he successfully completed in May 1998. While doing his internship at the University he, among other things, was assigned to assist a team of Ukrainian professors and scholars from the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration, who visited New York and Washington D.C. in July-August 1998.

After his return to Ukraine in December 1998 he performed a number of duties connected to the Wagner School’s activities in this country. First, he coordinated a US-Ukraine conference on improving performance in the public sector for academics and senior government officials, which took place in March 2000 in Kyiv. In 2001, under the guidance of our Office of International Programs, he took part in the development and implementation of the US-EU Transatlantic Civil Servant and Parliament Staff Fellowship Program. The project was aimed at training Ukrainian public policy makers in the fields of public health, administrative and judicial reform, media protection, and the development of Ukraine’s civil society. His activities included, but were not limited to documentation development, program promotion, technical evaluation of the candidates and pre-departure orientation.

Both as a student and a representative of the Wagner School Mr. Olesnevych displayed qualities which helped him to perform his duties extremely well. Oleksandr is highly responsible, mature, has a strong work ethic, and takes pride in work well done. He is a bright, knowledgeable, and highly motivated individual. I recommend him strongly.

Jo Ivey Boufford, M.D.
Dean and Professor of Public Administration
New York University
4 Washington Square North
New York, NY 10003
United States of America

At the time when Alexander was hired by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) to represent that organization in western Ukraine, I was Vice President of IESC for the New Independent States. Hence, while we did not meet until later, Alexander became an employee of the organization of which I was in charge.

As one of two representatives for IESC in western Ukraine Alexander was the only one who spoke English. Consequently, the success of this branch office, involving written requests for technical assistance by American experts, in English, had been highly dependent upon Alexander’s English skills, and his understanding of how a U.S. expert can complement the skills of Ukrainian experts and managers. Furthermore, when IESC volunteers came to western Ukraine, Alexander was their principle contact with IESC, which was often a challenging task involving tact, patience, and initiative; in all of these respects, though he did not report to me directly, Alexander performed extremely well, demonstrating throughout a strong sense of responsibility.

Alexander and I did have an opportunity to work intensely together during a four-day workshop on Public Administration that was conducted for officials in city and regional governments in the L’viv region of Ukraine in May 1995. The success of this workshop was attributable to the efforts of many, but Alexander's efforts, in particular, were noteworthy. His attention to detail; working 15 hour days not because he was asked to, but because the situation called for it; his diplomatic manner and good sense of humor; all these in addition to his excellent understanding of the English language and its many nuances, make Alexander an unusually well qualified candidate for any job requiring cross-cultural skills and project coordination experience.

Richard H. Shriver, Chairman
CIME (Center for International Management Education)
24 Roosevelt Road,
Westport, Connecticut, 06880
United States of America 

Mr. Olesnevych impresses me as an extremely intelligent devoted professional. He is quick to comprehend complex issues and is highly skilled in arriving at concise and practical resolutions addressing such issues. Furthermore, he consistently demonstrates superior team performance and a predisposition for leadership in tactfully harnessing different interests toward achieving program/project objectives.

Mr. Olesnevych coordinated and managed numerous projects aimed at establishing enterprises and economic development in the region [of western Ukraine]. I believe that he will bring to any organization an unsurpassed blend of skills, talents and educational as well as cultural experiences.

R. Heather Jaffan, Ph.D.
Vice President,
System Sciences Inc.
10403 Carriage Park Court
Fairfax, VA 22032, USA 
Representative to the WB, IMF, USAID

I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Olesnevych while we were both working for the International Executive Service Corps (IESC), 1995-1997. I was the Director of Programs for the New Independent States and Eastern Europe and Mr. Olesnevych was the regional representative of IESC in Western Ukraine, headquartered in Lviv.

The IESC programs provided an array of consulting services to private sector companies in the emerging economies of the former Soviet Union. It was Mr. Olesnevych's responsibilities to manage the provision of these services and coordinate all contact with the representative client companies in Lviv and the surrounding area. These managing duties included conducting initial assessments of companies to determine their needs and the appropriate fit with IESC services. The assessment was then followed by a 4-6 week consulting project performed by an American executive with the appropriate area of expertise. Mr. Olesnevych was the key link between the consultant and the client. Part of his duties was to facilitate the adjustment of the American executives to the new working and living environment and to manage and negotiate all the difficulties between them and the Ukrainian clients. In the course of almost 40 consulting projects he had the opportunity to familiarize himself with a wide variety of business issues across a range of industrial sectors.

As Director, I supervised all programming from the IESC headquarters in Stamford, CT. I communicated frequently with Mr. Olesnevych by phone, fax and e-mail. I also met with him several times on site in Ukraine. In our dealings, he showed himself to be intelligent, reliable, personable, and honest. What's more, Mr. Olesnevych frequently displayed a keen business sense, which was a critical asset in his efforts to bridge the considerable gap between Ukrainian and Western business cultures.

Given his education, training and experience, I believe that Mr. Olesnevych is uniquely suited for an internationally-oriented career in either the public or private sector. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.

Robert Monyak
Vice President, International Banking
First National Bank of New England
One Commercial Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103
United States of America 

November 1999
Today: 10.06.2023

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